When I'm not creating my own worlds, I bring others' to life.

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"Dead Certain" by Marcus Lloyd / Kourtney Highland (Director). River Street Theater @ CVLT. 

"God of Carnage" by Yasmina Reza, (Annette) / Kate Tonti. @ Twin Masks Performing Arts Center

"August: Osage County" by Tracy Letts (Barb). @ Avenue Arts.

A dysfunctional family falls apart in an intimate downtown theater.


“Bach in Leipzig” by Itamar Moses. (Georg Lenck) / JT Buck. Orchard House Productions


“The Birds” by Conor McPherson (Diane) / Alex Nine. @ Coach House Theater

In The Birds, the greatest danger may be inside the house. <- Thanks Kerry!


“Baskerville: A Sherlock Holmes Mystery” by Ken Ludwig (Actress) / Mike Rogan. 11 characters, and accents, and multitudinous costume changes. @ Chagrin Valley Little Theater 

CVLT's elementary Baskerville is a delight <- Hey, they like us!


“Realtity’s a Killer” by Eric Oswald. Murder by the Falls (Det. Ima Newby) / Bob McCoy. @ CVLT

“Partners” (Sabrina), “The Mike Reynolds Affair” (Jules) by Brandi Eaton. Directed by Anna-Jeannine Kemper Herman and Brandi Eaton. Western Reserve Playhouse.

“Sex With Strangers” by Laura Eason (Olivia) / Kourtney Highland. @ CVLT, River Street Theater.


Titilating title belies the depth of CVLT's latest production. <- I don't think I could ask for a better review.

“Kid Like Jake” by Daniel Pearl (Alex) @ Weathervane Playhouse.

“9 by Nine” by Alex Nine  @ Theater 8:15.

“Telethon of Terror and the Blossomtini”. Murder by the Falls (Kate Shaw) / Kourtney Highland. CVLT.

“Confessions From the Ladies Room” by Shane Riggs (Lila). Wolf Creek Players.


“Levitation” by Timothy Mason (Inga) @ Stow Players.

10x10 New Play Festival. “Compos Mentis” & “Double Whammy”. @ CVLT, River Street Theater.

“The Smell of the Kill” (Molly) / Alex Nine. @ Western Reserve Playhouse.

“Darkside” by Ken Jones (Gigi Stone). @ Kathleen Howland Theater.